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Yamaha On-Road Motorcycle Accessories Antigravity Batteries AT7B-BS Re-Start Battery

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The NEW Antigravity AT7B-BS RS battery is built with groundbreaking RE-START Technology (built-in jump-starting) so you won’t ever get stranded with a dead battery again! This compact, lightweight Lithium-Ion battery directly replaces the OEM YT7B-BS and other similar size batteries. 180 CA, 8 Ah (Pb Eq).

Additional features:
  • SIZE: Direct replacements for the OE battery with the same case dimensions and connectors, providing a perfect fit and 70-80% weight savings
  • BETTER STARTING: Larger ignition spark and higher voltage on the starting pulse than a lead/acid battery
  • NO MAINTENANCE: No liquids to spill and no trickle charging necessary to keep the battery charged
  • DURABLE: Will not be damaged by vibration or heat like a lead/acid battery while also being completely waterproof
  • NON-TOXIC: Chemical make-up does not contain highly toxic materials such as acid or lead
  • WARRANTY: Manufacturer’s three-year limited warranty to the original purchaser
NOTE: OptiMate® Lithium-Iron Battery Charger, sold separately, required for charging this battery.

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Antigravity Batteries AT7B-BS Re-Start Battery
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